How I Do It All?!

So someone questioned how I was doing all I am able to do. So far this year, I’ve been able to blog, create a podcast that turned into a radio show, in the launching phases of a YouTube channel, have the podcast meet the iTunes requirements, work my regular 9-5pm, work for YoungLives Cleveland, and…

Anya’s World Adventures

Join me in the studio with Nikko FungChung. She is the author behind Anya’s World Adventures. Let’s go on the journey with Anya as she uses her magical globe to trot around the world and collect treasures.

You Are the HOTTEST MOM!

It’s hard to believe we are almost to the end of this year. We’ve had an amazing journey thus far so let’s gear up to finish this year strong. In thinking of my next HOT MAMA I was compelled to think of someone who I noticed is always encouraging and inspiring others. Someone who shows…


Join me in the studio with the King’s Court! We are talking Man Code! The fellas are back, join Rick, Marlon & Jason! Ladies tune in I promise they drop a few nuggets.  

Daddy Duties

In the studio w/ Reggie Clemons host of The Plug on discussing Daddy Duties, being a black man, single parent, and raising kids in today’s society.

Dating After Divorce

Join me as I discuss DATING AFTER DIVORCE with Clotea Mack, MEd, founder of Lifted in Love. We are dropping some nuggets you don’t want to miss!

Sister Trip +1

So, if you haven’t already figured it out my sister and I our really close. We spend a lot of time together doing all the things we love. We are normally the only two invited because hey, that’s just how the cookie crumbles. This year as we embarked on our normal wine tasting journey we…

You Are the HOTTEST Mom!

Hey Hot Peeps! Let me tell you , I have met some AMAZING women over the last few months.  I am so excited to start nurturing these relationships. One of my purposes in starting this community is to get us ladies some help in living our dreams, being a better parent, being our most confident…


I’m feeling good! I’ve been back home for a week after attending a self-care retreat in NOLA. Parents it’s so important for us to take care of ourselves. As always if you don’t secure yourself first how can you secure the family.  There were many takeaways from the event below I have decided to hashtag…

Kenneka Jenkins

So this post is a hard one to write. Let me start off by saying I refuse to hashtag another name. It’s beginning to be too much to bear. Scrolling through my timeline I see countless hashtags of the names of people we as a community have lost and I just can’t find the emotions…


Forgive me Hot Peeps!  Life has been happening and I am grateful for EVERYTHING! I’ve missed a few Hot Mama post.  This month I want to celebrate a young lady I have seen come full circle in her journey.  I’ve seen this lady experience the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows….