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Thank you Mommies for sharing your moments with us!
There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one!
Happy Mother’s Day to all you HOT MAMAS.  We appreciate you!!!!

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Special Talk, Special Needs!

Basic ideas to share with your child

  • No two people are the same — some differences are just more noticeable.
  • A disability is only one characteristic of a person. People have many facets: likes and dislikes, strengths and challenges.
  • Children with disabilities are like all children in that they want friends, respect and to be included.
  • Children can be born disabled or become disabled from an accident or illness. You can’t “catch” a disability from someone else.
  • Just because someone has a physical disability (when a part or parts of the body do not work well) does not mean they necessarily have a cognitive (or thinking) disability.
  • Children with disabilities can do many of the things your child does, but it might take them longer. They may need assistance or adaptive equipment to help them.

Try to use clear, respectful language when talking about someone with disabilities. For a younger child, keep explanations simple, such as, “She uses a wheelchair because a part of her body does not work as well as it could.”

Reinforce with your child that name calling — even if meant as a joke — is always unacceptable as it hurts people’s feelings. (Source)

Meet Julia Sesame Street’s New Muppet


Mommy & Me

20170313_131237.pngIf you‘ve been following the blog then you know I have three beautiful children. What I’m guessing you might have caught onto is that they are all at very different stages in life. You see their 6-9 years in between them. I have Symone 19, Jamiel 13, and Anissa 4. Yes, people I started all over again. I’ve gotten to experience so many parenting trends that I’ve lost track. With Anissa’s birth it appeared that the new trend was these mommy groups. There are a lot of mommy groups out there and no one tells you how to narrow your options down. I went thru several and could not find a match. In the beginning this was a little discouraging.

I mean honestly I’m not a new mom, my oldest was 16 when I had the youngest, and so I’d been doing this mommy thing for 16 years. But I was in a new time, mommy times had change, I wanted to be in. I went to social media for help. I attended a few groups but nothing fit my personality. Like I said I’m not a new mom, so those groups didn’t help, I’m not a mom over 40 looking to get her groove back after baby, I’m not an empty nester, you get it?! I felt irritated because nothing seemed to fit me.

mommy anissa symoneOut of that very need to be the hot mama I am, I began Just One Hot Mom. A place where I can freely express my views on parenting, admit I don’t know it all and ask for help. That’s one of the many reasons I blog. I’m a mom, not typical who needed an outlet. Hopefully when you visit here you are finding something that will help you or at the very least a little humor.

If you can’t find that here than let me request some help for you, this is a helpful community and I want all my Hot Mamas out there to get the help they need to continue being the HOTTEST. So if you are a leader or a part of a mommy group that believes you can help some of my hotties, please list your group’s information below. I’ll be in contact to see if we can connect these mamas with you.


The House of Sickness

house-of-sicknessMade it through Christmas, YAY! As we prepare to go into the New Year I can hear a sniffle here and there.  OH NO!! I don’t want to start off a new year with rounds of sickness in the house.  So here are 5 home remedies i use to get rid of colds fast.

  1. Garlic, Honey, Lemon Tea: You will need…1 medium clove of garlic, 1 lemon
    1 teaspoon of honey, warm water. Directions-Crush up the garlic clove and place it in a glass along with the juice from the lemon. Top it off with the honey (you can add more to taste if you like) and then top it off with warm water. Give it a stir, and then drink entirely. Repeat 2-3 times a day for the duration of your symptoms.
  2. Sweat It Out: I get all bundled up, I go in the bathroom, close the door, turn the hot water and sit. As soon as the bathroom gets steamy i start blowing my nose.  Whatever evil germ is in me always seems to get flushed out. I then nap and repeat at least two more times.
  3. Vapor Rub & A Massage: My grandma did this so I do it too.  Good old Vick’s Vapor Rub, i put that stuff everywhere! just kidding! But I start with my feet, rubbing and massaging in a downward motion, my granny told me the way to move a cold is to massage down and out, I then put my socks on to keep the vapor in. Next I massage my back ( I get help) massaging down and out again.  lastly my upper chest area, gets the down and out massage.  I then layer my pajamas and take a nap.
  4. I believe in the power of vitamin C. This method only works in the early stages of a cold.  I up my vitamin C intake with drinking more orange juice, grapefruit juice, Emergen-C, and my normal vitamins. I basically go into vitamin C overload, just kidding but it does help when you first notice a sniffle if you combine this with the steam room and the vapor massage.
  5. REST!!!!!!I’m always doing something, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for my body to recuperate. When I’m sick, I know that’s my body’s way of telling me I need to take a break.  So I settle my house, drink some tea, put a few bottled waters at my bedside and turn on the tv until I drift off.

This is what works for me and my house.  Let me know what works for you and your family.





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