Dear Daughter…

A panel discussion about the conversations our daughters want to have with us and the conversations we wish our mothers would have had with us. This is a safe space to engage in meaningful conversation that will help bridge the gap in mother/daughter connection and start conversations for healthier relationships and lives.

Meet Our Panel

Owner of Just One Hot Mom Coaching services.  Her desire to parent each of her children as individuals and develop their creative styles led her to begin to document their journey and share it with other parents who need support and guidance on her blog. Nanekia is a blogger, motivational speaker, show host, entrepreneur, mentor, and  certified coach. Her specialty is in Maternal Care Coaching helping maternal figures optimize the elusive work/life balance scenario.

As CEO of Mended Relationships LLC and Mended Inc Foundation, Tierra is a beacon of hope for women across the USA, most known for her trailblazing advocacy for healthy Mother-Daughter relationships. She has hosted several successful conferences, bonding activities, and workshops, where she provides practical tools and support to women seeking individual or collective emotional reconciliation. Tierra’s work can be experienced through the Mended Inc Podcast, her book, “Our Perfect Chaos” and her Mother-Daughter Coaching Practice.

Family Life Specialist serving her community by fostering relationships with children and families, educating them about mental health and how it impacts their daily lives. She creates treatment plans for children to learn to function on a higher level with an existing mental health diagnosis. A’bria has created weekly programming for schools, monthly women’s circle events, and annual expos for young girls to share a safe space and be exposed to countless workshops with topics ranging from self-care to dance. A’bria is a graduate of John Carroll University, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communication. A’bria is also a featured author of Wounded Healer: Twenty-Four Powerful Testimonies of Hope. She is currently enrolled in Indiana Wesleyan University pursuing her MSW to become a licensed therapist and create more opportunities for families to heal through traumas

Identity Coach, author and founder of Project BRAVE, a faith based organization created to eliminate the identity crisis and break generational cycles by helping girls discover who they are in Christ Jesus and strengthen mother-daughter relationships. She is driven by creating BRAVE Girls all over the world, and finds joy in seeing those girls discover who they are and break cycles. She wants people to know that they are not powerless by life’s circumstances, but instead powerful beyond measure. In addition to being an Identity Coach, Sharone is a mom, author and visionary who is excited about fully walking in her purpose knowing that she has been called for such a time as this. She believes that once you know who you are, you are no longer powerless.

I am a Licensed Esthetician, Professional Makeup Artist & Birth and Postpartum doula. I love to cater to my fellow sisters and helping find the beauty in their lives while being unapologetic about it. Also, I love being able to hold and create safe spaces for my fellow sisters to feel comfortable and embrace their sacred femininity.

Lifelong prayer warrior. Kawanda has dedicated her life to standing in the gap for mothers and daughters from all walks of life. Kawanda is the mom of one and grandmother of two.

Agile Coach for Rocket Mortgage. As a teenage Mom she has learned the ins and outs of parenting. She always says keeping them alive is the easy part. Now that she is a grandmother she has started a new adventure.