Weigh-In: The Journey

heavy weight collageSo, we are under 80 days away from what started this weight loss journey, V&J Wedding.  I’ll be honest those two have sabotaged my diet on more than one occasion because we all LOVE to eat.  I don’t regret it one bit.  We all have been taking our own roads to reach our fitness goals and I am exhausted but feeling great and looking better.  My hope is that you will take my story laugh, cry, be inspired, and encourage me so that we all know we are not alone.

For me personally I use to compare myself to other moms, like she has three kids, I have three kids but I don’t look like her.  Now don’t get me wrong I have been comfortable with the skin I am in almost my whole life, I just accepted me. But I know I’ve had moments where I can’t figure out if this is baby weight (my baby is 4 years old) or just bad eating habits.  More likely the latter coupled with not exercising.

So here I am exposing my naked truth to you.  We can all reach whatever goal we set for ourselves it’s up to us to find that passion, that drive that makes us want to change and then change.

So check the pics.  I started at a size 22, WOW!!! I’m currently a 12/14.  I may not have a flat stomach, but my thighs no longer give me a round of applause when I walk (I kind of miss that, just kidding).  Still comfortable, still confident!

You can do it too!  Don’t worry about what everyone else is thinking, do you, be happy with you, whether that’s a size 22 or 4.  It’s all about making choices that make you happy and keep you healthy and round for these little hot ones.

I challenge you to encourage another mom in their journey today, whatever change you know they are trying to make.  We can all use the support!  What are you doing, how can I support and encourage you?



Special Talk, Special Needs

It’s Autism Awareness Month, let’s talk about it!

Basic ideas to share with your child

  • No two people are the same — some differences are just more noticeable.
  • A disability is only one characteristic of a person. People have many facets: likes and dislikes, strengths and challenges.
  • Children with disabilities are like all children in that they want friends, respect and to be included.
  • Children can be born disabled or become disabled from an accident or illness. You can’t “catch” a disability from someone else.
  • Just because someone has a physical disability (when a part or parts of the body do not work well) does not mean they necessarily have a cognitive (or thinking) disability.
  • Children with disabilities can do many of the things your child does, but it might take them longer. They may need assistance or adaptive equipment to help them.

Try to use clear, respectful language when talking about someone with disabilities. For a younger child, keep explanations simple, such as, “She uses a wheelchair because a part of her body does not work as well as it could.”

Reinforce with your child that name calling — even if meant as a joke — is always unacceptable as it hurts people’s feelings. (Source)

Meet Julia Sesame Street’s New Muppet


Mommy & Me…

20170313_131237.pngIf you‘ve been following the blog then you know I have three beautiful children. What I’m guessing you might have caught onto is that they are all at very different stages in life. You see their 6-9 years in between them. I have Symone 19, Jamiel 13, and Anissa 4. Yes, people I started all over again. I’ve gotten to experience so many parenting trends that I’ve lost track. With Anissa’s birth it appeared that the new trend was these mommy groups. There are a lot of mommy groups out there and no one tells you how to narrow your options down. I went thru several and could not find a match. In the beginning this was a little discouraging.

I mean honestly I’m not a new mom, my oldest was 16 when I had the youngest, and so I’d been doing this mommy thing for 16 years. But I was in a new time, mommy times had change, I wanted to be in. I went to social media for help. I attended a few groups but nothing fit my personality. Like I said I’m not a new mom, so those groups didn’t help, I’m not a mom over 40 looking to get her groove back after baby, I’m not an empty nester, you get it?! I felt irritated because nothing seemed to fit me.

mommy anissa symoneOut of that very need to be the hot mama I am, I began Just One Hot Mom. A place where I can freely express my views on parenting, admit I don’t know it all and ask for help. That’s one of the many reasons I blog. I’m a mom, not typical who needed an outlet. Hopefully when you visit here you are finding something that will help you or at the very least a little humor.

If you can’t find that here than let me request some help for you, this is a helpful community and I want all my Hot Mamas out there to get the help they need to continue being the HOTTEST. So if you are a leader or a part of a mommy group that believes you can help some of my hotties, please list your group’s information below. I’ll be in contact to see if we can connect these mamas with you.


HUNGRY!!!!! Weighing-In…

weighing-in-2-24-17So for the last 8 months I’ve been hitting the gym.  I’m TIRED! It’s been a long journey and I still have ways to go.  I wanted to start this New Year with a quick weigh-in update.

I have no problem working out.  I actually have learned to enjoy it. I love competing with myself to break my own records on certain equipment, I still hate the stair climber. My downfall…FOOD! I love to eat, it’s what has kept my friendships going, the fact that we all love to eat.  Not just food, rich food, unhealthy food, touch your soul type foods. Why me?! Why can’t I love tree bark and salad?!

So what am I going to do? Will I have to give up the foods I love so that me and my island get-a-way can get along?! I think not!  I’ve learned what I need to do is live in moderation when it comes to food. I can still enjoy the foods I love and explore new foods as long as it’s in moderation.

As food has been in abundance over this winter season, I remain focus.  I might have missed a few gym appointments, but I watch what I eat and continued to make progress.  I can do this and by the time I slip on that bridesmaids dress, every curve will be just right.

Send me some tips. What’s your fitness routine? How are you planning to live a healthier lifestyle?


Mommy’s Busting Out!

terry-nikHey Hot People!  Forgive me my thoughts are all over the place.  I need to tell y’all what happened and deliver this message to the hot mommies out there that need to bust out.  On Wednesday last week I met Terry McMillan (SCREAMS!!!) in case you are clueless, Terry (we met had a formal introduction I’m calling her by her first name now) wrote Waiting To Exhale & How Stella Got Her Groove, along with other novels but these are the most popular because they were turned into movies.  ANYWAY!  Met her, got to take this pic and get my book signed.  But it almost didn’t happen…

The event to meet Terry was an hour and some minutes away from my house, it started to snow and I was like, I’m just going to stay home, no point in driving in this crazy weather.  I was preparing to put my pajamas on when something in me was like STOP, you need to go, you need to get out! So I quickly got cute, fed my children, secured their sitter and was out the door.  I was late but I didn’t care I was going, then I realized I was going alone.  There were no friends in the car with me, no significant other by my side, not my kids or the dog, I was out in the snow going to do something I wanted to do. I had to pause for a minute I was in shock! So often I want to do things, but I’ll change my mind at the last minute because nobody else wants to, I’ll look pitiful if I show up alone.  Do you have those thoughts?  Have they stopped you from doing things you love all because you may have to do them alone?

NO MORE! I am busting out, I work too hard, take care of too many people to shelter myself.  Mommy it’s time for you to enjoy your life, whether it’s with family, friends, or alone.  And you know what, the more times you do it, the easier it becomes.  No longer will you opt out of things that bring you joy just because you may have to enjoy them alone.  It’s time to really embrace your freedom (when you get it) and live in the moment.

So I’m going to do it, I’m going to live a fabulous life of alone time.  Mommies, our children are well taken care of, our homes, and multiple other jobs we do are handled, why not do what you want to do and sometimes you may have to do it alone, but it’s okay.  Would you rather miss out on a great opportunity all because you are alone or would you rather get in your car, turn the volume all the way up and rock out to do something you love.  Girl I’m gone, hope y’all start to have fun cause I am!


Hot Mom, Hot Topics: 20 Things Singles Don’t Want to Hear on Valentine’s Day & The Response You May Receive

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just One Hot Mom

single awareness tumblr_kxt9l6mJSG1qzjgcgo1_5001

  1. You’ll find someone someday.
    (response: Don’t you think I already know that!)
  2. Mr./Mrs. Right is being prepped for you.
    (response: Well make sure they’re well done this time)
  3. I’ve got just the right person for you, my niece/nephew is single too.
    (response: Does my shirt say desperately seeking?!)
  4. When are you getting married?
    (response: If I knew that, I would have sent out “Save the dates” by now to avoid you asking this question, again!)
  5. Whatever happened to so and so?
    (response: If you don’t see them around then apparently we ain’t together!)
  6. You’re not getting any younger!
    (response:**ding, ding** You are correct! I don’t suffer from that Benjamin Button disease)
  7. You can always get a pet.
    (response: Well just go ahead put me in the housecoat, slippers, cigarettes, bonnet and deem me that cat lady)
  8. I pray you find someone soon.
    (response: While you’re praying, please ask for deliverance…

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