The saying is true “if you look good, you feel good!” There are many ways we can view our bodies and most often we are hard on our looks. IF this was fixed or if I could lose or gain weight. Your body is your temple and it’s important that you learn to treat it as such.

Each Trainer/Fitness Class/Nutritionist/Wellness Coach is certified and ready to help you learn the wealth of your health. Bios and services are available below. If you need help determining the services you need contact us.


Markita Johnson, owner and CEO of Pretty Curvy with Kiki Fitness. Pretty Curvy is doing ALL things with Faith, Confidence and the ability to Dig Deep! It’s more than just a workout, it’s embracing yourself at any size. It’s finding that thing that you love and going for it without hesitation. I encourage women fro all walks of life to just go for it in life, whatever they want to do they are more than capable of doing so. Stepping out of those comfort zones and really stepping into your purpose! Not looking on social media for validation but looking in the mirror and validating yourself! Connect with Kiki here
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place holder- name, title, brief bio, and link to services here

Wellness Space

Lauren Johnson is the owner of Ashe’ Health and Wellness space for individuals seeking support and accountability on their journey to be healthy and wealthy! Connect with her here