Actin’ Funny! Are you a people pleaser? Is it changing who you are or who you want to be? If others are dictating your behavior it’s time to figure out who you are and own it. It’s time to Act Funny!
Frenemies! You ever notice how some of the people you call friends tend to shade you. It appears subtle at first and then they take risk. Identify who they are and eliminate!
Talk Yo Sh!t! As you all know I’m trying to stop swearing. It’s a work in progress. I didn’t know how to express what I needed to say in any other way. Here’s the thing, I WOKE UP LIKE THIS! I feel amazing. There is something in the air that is giving me life and I am feeling like a gazillion bucks! Have you ever had one of those days when you look good, you feel good, your day is going good, kids (if you have them) are behaving, there’s love in the air, you are just having a great day?!
Reinventing Yourself! When you look in the mirror and you don’t recognize yourself, maybe it’s time to review who you are and who you want to be.
This Is Personal & Lonely! When the vision is your and yours alone, sometimes the elevation can be lonely, but joyous!
Expect More! You set the expectation for how people treat you. No one else can control that!

Loyalty…The Other “L” Word! Do you constantly question someone’s loyalty, or do they question you? Let’s talk about it. 
Safe Space Are your friends a safe space for you? How do you determine if someone is emotionally ready to deal with you or for you to deal with them? Let’s chat
Tell The Truth Your wellness story matters! Don’t be ashamed of telling it!
Hey Sis! Let’s Chat! Join me and your favorite sistagirl authoress for some much needed girl time chat.
The Shift! As much as I don’t like change, it’s necessary!