The purpose of The Hot Mama spot is to take care of the foundation of our homes, the Mom. We have learned during COVID that moms have to take on multiple roles as care-givers, teachers, chefs, nurses/doctors, administrative assistance, funding sources, coaches, and the list goes on. Who takes care of Mom? Although there are wellness and recreation centers who pride themselves on helping to secure women’s mental health, The Hot Mama spot is uniquely and specifically designed to take care of moms, no matter how they became a mom or on what part of the mom journey they are on, empty nesters, new mom, teen mom, no matter where they are the spot is designed to help them elevate and design a parenting lifestyle that not only allows them to be the best moms for their families, but to help them creatively design a life that takes care of them as a woman and dreamer as well.

The Hot Mama Spot does this by taking care of mom 360, physically, mentally, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. No one person is one dimensional and we cannot continue as a community to only treat one aspect of motherhood and not consider the multiple layers it takes to raise our children and live our dreams. Through disruptive innovation and teaching moms to take control of the opportunities afforded them we secure the foundation of our homes and for our children and generations to come. The Spot is a place where women can get the nurturing they need to re-invent, elevate, think, and just breathe. Where we recognize that they are not only a mom, but a woman, a dreamer, and entrepreneur, a multitasking individual who sometimes requires assistance with everyday life, we are that assistance.

It is important to The Hot Mama Spot that the community joins us in our endeavors, along with community leaders, donors, government agencies, wellness corporations, and the collaborators on our team to successfully transform homes that will produce the healthy fruit we need in our communities to help them function and thrive. Each stakeholder has the opportunity to actively re-build, build our communities with healthy, whole foundations by helping the person who sets the standard for that foundation in their home.