Value Statement

The Hot Mama Spot is dedicated to ensuring each mother feels valued, heard, seen, and free to be their authentic self. The team and collaborators recognize the need for privacy, discretion, discernment and growth (at their own pace) for each mother, team member, and collaborator. We reserve the right to dismiss anyone, client, team member, collaborator in violation of our values. We as a collective understand that the nature of our work is to bring healing, building, setting standards, and growth within our communities and as a representation of said community will be committed to upholding these values outside of these walls. Our commitment to effective change for each mother who encounters our team or collaborator surpasses lessons or activities within these walls. We want each participant to utilize the tools obtained to generate transformation in their own lives and the lives of their family members, tribe, and communities.

Vision Statement

We want to empower the matriarchs of a family to see their visions, dreams, and possibilities become reality and by doing so empower their families to want to achieve their goals as well. The Hot Mama Spot is on a mission to ensure mothers from all walks of life have dedicated tools to help them blossom into the mom they want to be, redefine motherhood to fit their current and future self, as they continue to grow their communities and tribes, while focusing on taking up the space to be their best version of their truest self. We provide an environment that helps mothers find a positive balance that works for their individual households. One of our goals is to use disruptive innovation to assist each mother in forming a plan that allows them to have the moments they need to heal/celebrate their past, be present in the now, and actively detail their futures. We do this all by offering multiple forms of fitness activities, wellness store equipped with alternative healthy options for optimal health, coaching and counselling services, conference and study space, a library, meditative space, and courses offered throughout the year to address the issues and concerns of their homes. The idea is to teach skills that will allow for the reduction of stress placed upon moms, who feel as though they are failing when they can’t find equal space and time to manage their lives alongside their families’ lives. Teaching them to take control of their space, to not limit themselves to stereotypes, to embrace constructive, alternative forms to parenting. The expectation is to improve their current lifestyles and to set-up their legacy so that their children will one day parent in such a way that expressive, detailed, empowering conversations become the norm within their family.