Nanekia Ansari the mother of three, who has taken and applied the skill of mothering to every area of her life.  Nanekia has spent the last 17 years nurturing and developing faculty, staff, and students at a prestigious university in Northeast Ohio.  Her unique insight into each individual (her adopted children) has won her staff service awards and countless accolades from those she serves.

Eight years ago Nanekia was offered the volunteer opportunity  with the mentoring organization Cleveland YoungLives. The group caters to pregnant and parenting teen moms in the city of Cleveland, Ohio.  Recently she accepted a position as a YoungLives Coordinator.  In her new role she will recruit women in the community to mentor and “do life” with  the young ladies and children of the group.

A year ago Nanekia decided to nurture her own desires. A talented writer, looking to encourage and inspire other moms, she started the blog,
Just One Hot Mom, www.justonehotmom.com. There you will find her opinion/advice regarding parenting, motherhood, and sisterhood.

So this blog is about her, her family, their adventures,  you know good ole mom stuff. Hope you enjoy!


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