#TuesdaysTruth Expect More!

This is my “What you talkin bout Willis?” face.

I recently had a conversation with someone who left me with the huh, face. We were talking about expectations in relationships. I stated I expected if I treat people well, that in return, I expected to be treated well. To which this person replied, “You can’t expect people to treat you the way you treat them!” The person went on to say that not everyone isn’t like you. They are going to do what they want to do. Now why I am all for people being their true authentic selves, this statement irritated my soul. Let me tell you why.

I believe I’ve said this before. My expectation is just that my expectation. If you disagree with this, that is on you, but I expect that if I treat you with decency and in return, you will do the same in return. If not, I will know how to handle you in the future. Does that mean eye for an eye? No. It means that I have set an expectation with you. You did not meet it, so now I know the energy exchange is not the same. Just because you don’t meet my expectation doesn’t mean I should lower mine. In fact, it means I need to evaluate the people around me.

We set the tone for our lives! If you put an expectation with someone and they don’t meet it, it’s a revelation for you, not them. Take a look at your own relationships. How many of them have you set expectations for? Are they being met? If not, what are you going to do about it? Don’t be afraid to set the bar. I am expecting great things for you!

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Just One Hot Mom was developed to reach the matriarch’s of families from all walks of life to let them know they are beautiful inside and out, appreciated, loved, recognized and honored for the who they are. Just One Hot Mom recognizes each person as an individual with the best intentions for their family. We are a community that offers support, advice, and a place to vent. We are dedicated to empowering people to be who they are called to be, while growing alongside our families and receiving the nurturing we need.

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