This Is Personal and Lonely   

I love the work I do. Getting women, especially mothers to reclaim their power, to visualize their best lives, getting them to think outside the box. The vision for The Hot Mama Spot is to help you all blossom, redefine, and grow into the best versions of yourself. It is my complete honor to do this with you. This journey has been a long time coming. I’m not going to lie to you. I put up a lot of resistance because I wasn’t completely sure if I could step into the forefront and lead. The more I began to see the need for the vision I had in my head, the more I felt a burning desire to create this space. Hotties, we are just getting started and I am in awe!

With all the excitement around seeing this vision come to life, this has been one of the lonliest seasons of my life. As I began to notice the transformation within myself I began to see the people around me change. Let me tell you one of the greatest lessons I have learned is that when God gives you a vision, he will create the path, make room, and give you his blessing to grow. What I didn’t initially realize is that this vision was just for me. I tried so many times to get people to sign on, to take them with me on this journey and each time there was something that removed them. I kept wondering why I couldn’t find anyone to help me. Then at 4:04am it came to me, this part of the journey you are meant to do alone. The anxiety that came with that revelation woke me up out of my sleep. I fell back to sleep and woke up that morning with a renewed confidence. I can do this, it’s necessary, so stop fighting it. 

Since I’ve stopped fighting it, I’ve been on the move. I am busy all the time, but there is a continued excitement of seeing this plan come to fruition. I don’t know if any of you have a dream that you are scared to put your weight behind because you feel unsupported or alone, let me be honest, you are alone. Don’t be afraid because there is purpose in your loneliness. This is your time to do the work, others will come but for right now, in this very moment, it’s your time! 

Some days this alone feeling can seem unbearable, but there is something about knowing the work isn’t in vain that brings me a sense of peace. So whatever it is you want to do, be bold, be confident, and be okay doing it alone.

Published by Just One Hot Mom

Just One Hot Mom was developed to reach the matriarch’s of families from all walks of life to let them know they are beautiful inside and out, appreciated, loved, recognized and honored for the who they are. Just One Hot Mom recognizes each person as an individual with the best intentions for their family. We are a community that offers support, advice, and a place to vent. We are dedicated to empowering people to be who they are called to be, while growing alongside our families and receiving the nurturing we need.

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