Talk Yo Sh!t!

Journal Entry 10.5.21- Talk Yo Sh!t

As you all know I’m trying to stop swearing. It’s a work in progress. I didn’t know how to express what I needed to say in any other way. Here’s the thing, I WOKE UP LIKE THIS! I feel amazing. There is something in the air that is giving me life and I am feeling like a gazillion bucks! Have you ever had one of those days when you look good, you feel good, your day is going good, kids (if you have them) are behaving, there’s love in the air, you are just having a great day?!

In the past when these moments would arrive I wouldn’t totally embrace them. I would say this is too good to be true and wait for the shoe to drop that would send my world into a whirlwind. I found it difficult to think that things for me could go great, amazing, super dope. My mindset was dictating be anxious, worry, be afraid, because if all this good is happening to someone like you then the universe must be tripping and sooner or later it will figure out it’s mistake and set things right. See the undeserving, unworthy mindset will have you allowing a great day to pass you by.

Not today Satan! Today I talk my sh!t! I’m excited, I’m blessed, I’m beautiful, I am successful, I enter a room and I command attention, respect, joy, peace, and happiness. I am walking on cloud nine and enjoying every minute. I deserve this moment and I’m soaking it up. Today I will accept every compliment and not point out what is wrong as a reply, today I will not run when someone holds the door open for me, I will walk graciously up to them at my normal pace and say thanks; I will not downplay my greatness. Today my crown is on and fitting perfectly.

Hotties! How y’all feeling? Look at you, you are beautiful, you are attracting on a high vibration, you are walking tall and into your destiny, you are deserving, you are worthy, you are more than enough. Today talk yo sh!t, pop ya collar and let the world see you!

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Just One Hot Mom was developed to reach the matriarch’s of families from all walks of life to let them know they are beautiful inside and out, appreciated, loved, recognized and honored for the who they are. Just One Hot Mom recognizes each person as an individual with the best intentions for their family. We are a community that offers support, advice, and a place to vent. We are dedicated to empowering people to be who they are called to be, while growing alongside our families and receiving the nurturing we need.

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