Hottest Mom!!!

I’m always happy to recognize an HOT MAMA!!!  Ms. Karen Hughley was brought to my attention by her daughter Kawanda Williams, please read her words below:

” I have ONE HOT MOM . She ran a 5k on Saturday and a 10k on Sunday. I am Godly proud of all her accomplishments, but now she is just showing out. I love it ma. Go ahead and LIVE! You deserve it.  #MySheRo #myBestFriend #Sassy #SheSlays #Single #Saved

So Ms. Hughley you are our HOT MAMA of the month.  Keep bringing that FIRE!!!




Transparency is important to me.  I tell most of the stories from my prospective and respect that my children may not want to be exposed about some of the things in their lives.  My oldest daughter Symone is ready to be transparent.  In the video she talks about having a parent with mental health issues and her own struggles.  I’m proud of her for taking this step forward in hopes that it brings awareness to those suffering.