Hottest Mom!!!

On the blog…I’m always happy to recognize an HOT MAMA!!! Ms. Karen Hughley was brought to my attention by her daughter Kawanda Williams, click the link in my bio.


Hottest Kid!!!!

Join me as I celebrate the Hot Kid of the Month Maysun.  Maysun is teaching us all a lesson about embracing who we are.  This girl is definitely on fire!!! Me & Maysun

Mommy Confessions!

Check out my pages for a few Mommy Confessions!  Facebook:  Just One Hot Mom Twitter:  @just1hotmom Instagram: @justonehotmom

Mommy Moments

Thank you Mommies for sharing your moments with us! There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one! Happy Mother’s Day to all you HOT MAMAS.  We appreciate you!!!!


Transparency is important to me.  I tell most of the stories from my prospective and respect that my children may not want to be exposed about some of the things in their lives.  My oldest daughter Symone is ready to be transparent.  In the video she talks about having a parent with mental health issues…

Sports Anyone?!

On the blog…Sports Anyone?! My son recently joined the track team and I’m learning that I may/may not be built for this. I need help!