Being Nanekia…Praying for the Enemy

On the blog, Praying for the Enemy. A few weeks back I posted a video about the Power of a Praying Friend. It’s easy to pray for those we love, but what about those that make it hard for us to like them or they don’t like us, what do we do with them? Check out the video below.


The House of Sickness…

On the blog, The House of Sickness. A few of my personal home remedies to cure sickness.

Santa Gets No Credit!

On the blog, Santa Gets No Credit! NOT THIS YEAR SANTA!! It’s all in love, find out below why we moms are taking back the credit our kids give Santa. Happy Holidays!

Homes for the Holidays!

On the blog, Home for the Holidays!!! Where will you end up celebrating this holiday season?!

Bad Moms Unite!

On the blog, Bad Moms Unite!!! Momming 101, we are all bad moms!