20 Things Singles Don’t Want to Hear During the Holidays & the Response You May Receive!

On the blog, 20 Things Singles Don’t Want to Hear During the Holidays
& the Response You May Receive!

It’s all in fun and love! Enjoy your family time and a few laughs on us!

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  1. You’ll find someone someday.
    (response: Don’t you think I already know that!)
  2. Mr./Mrs. Right is being prepped for you.
    (response: Well make sure they’re well done this time)
  3. I’ve got just the right person for you, my niece/nephew is single too.
    (response: Does my shirt say desperately seeking?!)
  4. When are you getting married?
    (response: If I knew that, I would have sent out “Save the dates” by now to avoid you asking this question, again!)
  5. Whatever happened to so and so?
    (response: If you don’t see them around then apparently we ain’t together!)
  6. You’re not getting any younger!
    (response:**ding, ding** You are correct! I don’t suffer from that Benjamin Button disease)
  7. You can always get a pet.
    (response: Well just go ahead put me in the housecoat, slippers, cigarettes, bonnet and deem me that cat lady)
  8. I pray you find someone soon.
    (response: While you’re praying, please ask for deliverance from put foot in mouth disease!)
  9. Have you tried online dating?
    (response: No, but thanks grandma for creating that profile and stressing that I am in desperate need!)
  10. Maybe you should fix yourself up.
    (response: So, you think I’m trying to fix myself down?!)
  11. You’ll find someone when you least expect it.
    (response: Well hopefully I’m fixed up by then! (reference #10))
  12. Your standards are too high.
    (response: So you’re saying I should take practices personal hygiene off the table?!)
  13. Hopefully we’ll be planning your wedding soon.
    (response: And your funeral next!)
  14. As a virgo you should really be looking for a cancer as a match?
    (response: And in what bible did you find this compatibility chart?!)
  15. There’s someone out there for everyone.
    (response: Apparently so, someone found you.)
  16. If all else fails, at least you have family.
    (response: Well, damn that is a depressing thought!)
  17. What happened to (insert ex’s name here), I mean he/she left you in debt but he/she had some pretty teeth?
    (response: Well there you have it, hopefully great dental hygiene will pay our mortgage someday.)
  18. Remember when you were 10 years old and you and (insert childhood friend’s name here) said you were going to get married, what happened?
    (response: We did this thing called “GROW UP”)
  19. Back in high school everybody thought you would be the first to get married. (response: Back in high school I had no standards!)
  20. You just need to put yourself out there.
    (response: So, mom, you hanging that desperately seeking a date for my son/daughter sign ain’t getting the response you expected, huh?!)

    Just kidding! It’s all in fun and sarcasm.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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HOLIDAY HELL!! Top 20 Annoying Things About the Holiday Season!

On the blog HOLIDAY HELL!! Top 20 Annoying Things About the Holiday Season!
It’s all in fun and love! Enjoy your family time and a few laughs on us!

(Featuring Ayesha Ansari)

  1. While shopping during the holiday season and you are in line with your cart and have been for 20 minutes, someone gets in line behind you with one item and they feel you should let them cut. #peoplegottabeouttheymind
  2. When FedEx, UPS, USPS dogs your package because they mad about the weight. #youmadornah
  3. The one person in your office that has too much holiday spirit and insists on wearing holiday attire every day. #weseeyouwegetityoulovetheholidayseason
  4. When your family tries to guilt you into giving a gift after you say you’re done shopping. #overit
  5. The dreaded gift exchange. When your Secret Santa waits till the last minute and gives you the gift you gave them last year. #deadwrong
  6. When Bath & Body works has their last minute sale and you end up with 20 bottle of Japanese Cherry Blossom #justbuymestockinthecompany
  7. When your non-cooking family member offers to make the holiday dinner and the turkey is dryer than a desert breeze #weneedgravy
  8. People who post all the nice things they do for people during the holiday season, but forget we know them all year long and know they ain’t that nice. #scrooge #youregettingcoal
  9. People who talk about all the money they spent during the holiday season, but won’t pay you back the $5 they owe you #bishbettahavemymoney
  10. People who will get mad and take this list seriously #itsalljokes
  11. Wine glasses with water in them, DISRESPECTFUL #thiscupwasmadefordranking
  12. When family members want you to visit during the holidays and they live halfway across the planet and it’s a blizzard outside #yougotgasmoneyandashovel
  13. When family members pack their to go plate before y’all even sat down for dinner #canigetaplate
  14. When your cousin brings the “new boo” to the Christmas dinner and that’s not who came to Thanksgiving dinner and your grandma comments #whothehellisthis
  15. When you realize there is no rum for the eggnog or cider and you could use a drink #mynervesbad
  16. When the family instigator prays for togetherness at the family dinner, but just started an argument between your aunts #fixitJesus
  17. When you bring your cousin with you to the family dinner and you are ready to go but they planted firmly on the couch like y’all ain’t come together #hegonneedaride
  18. .The family member who never brings anything but complains about the food, gifts, drinks, and the heat in the house. #didyoucontribute
  19. The one person in your family that does not believe in technology and still uses a disposable camera, “Wait let me wind it!” #somebodygetthemacameraphoneplease
  20. ULTIMATE FAIL: The person who sends a group text with a holiday greeting to EVERYBODY and people reply back “who is this” all day long! #justacceptthedamngreeting

BONUS: The one person in your family who is “wealthy” gives everyone an envelope for Christmas, when you open it, there are coupons inside #theygotrichtostayrich



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Welcome Our New Addition…

sparkyVery exhausting weekend.  Hosted 6 young ladies for my youngest hotness’s Spa Party Sleepover.  This was the end to a week-long birthday celebration.  She and her friends were so happy to be getting so many spa services.  So glad it’s over, lol.

For over a month, that One Handsome Dad, had been asking what she wanted for her birthday, her response, a dog.  Now we’d previously had a dog, Anna, who’d run away, allegedly.  She’d been a little afraid of Anna, so with Anna gone she’d began playing with a FurReal friend (play dog).  You can walk the dog, it fake eats, it whimpers and barks.  For some time she’d told us that this dog needed a friend.  When she requested a dog for her birthday, I was too happy to go to Toys R Us and select another FurReal Friend.  I was wrong.

For weeks she and her dad had been searching the internet for the perfect dog.  She wanted something smaller than Anna (german shepard/pit bull mix) and fluffy.  Her words, not mine. I caught them looking at adoption sites and realized, we were actually getting a real dog, not a fake, whose only maintenance would include fresh batteries.  I had to quickly re-adjust my thinking, WE are getting a dog. After searching so many adoption sites, we found our dog, his name was Locs.  We called the agency Locs had not been adopted, we were going the next day to fill out the paperwork.  YAY!!

One Handsome Dad gets to the adoption center and no Locs.  He gave the cage number, described Locs, tried to show them the picture on the website, yet no Locs. He called and I admit I was crushed.  We’d read about Locs, saw his before and after pictures, he was supposed to be our dog. What were we going to do?! When something is meant to be it has a way of working for the good of those involved in the situation.  Dad went into the room where they kept the small dogs to see who was available.  Behold there he was in all his cuteness, SPARKY.  Immediately, Sparky connected with Dad and he called me, completed the paperwork, paid the adoption fee and boom, we were taking our dog home, or so we thought.  Sparky had to stay the weekend to be neutered *insert sad face*.  We were ready to bring him home, but would have to wait until Tuesday.  We placed his bring home date on the calendar and everyday she would mark an X, one day closer to completing our family. Tuesday came and I could not leave work fast enough, we made the long drive to the adoption center and as I entered the room (had not met Sparky yet), he came to me.  We cuddled!  I couldn’t get to her school fast enough, I picked her up and we went home.  Instant happiness all around.  Sparky just fits in, he is our dog, he belongs to our family.

a-girl-and-her-pupI’m so happy for my daughter as she really wanted a dog.  Sparky is cage trained, house broken, and loves, loves the family.  I’m sure he knows that we love him too.  Our family is now complete thanks to Sparky.

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Being Nanekia…When A Man Loves A Woman

blackloveart31This has been a rough week for this hot mom.  Explaining the election results to my children and what that means for their future was tough. Then I found out that a dear friend and colleague passed away.  I’d worked with this person for the last 17 years and in the blink of an eye they were gone.  My emotions were all over the place, but as always this mama had to get right for the sake of those watching me, my children. I found out a few days later that my colleague’s wife would be stopping by the office, I was excited and sad to see her.  The experience that took place has changed my outlook on love.

My colleague gave out nicknames to those he was close to at work, so of course his closest confidant, his wife had a nickname as well.  I always thought her nickname was after an infamous sports car but my perspective has changed and I’m almost positive it’s because of her bright beaming spirit and smile.  So, here’s what happened.  I got a call, his wife is here, I go out to greet her and offer my condolences. As I approached the front desk of our building, I’ll be honest I was expecting a feeble, distraught, older lady, shame on me. I had to do a double take because I couldn’t believe my eyes.  She was glowing, ageless beauty and fabulous fashion oozed from her.  We laughed she remembered my son’s nickname before mine, she was in great spirits. We hugged and she was gone.  Still in amazement of not seeing what I thought I would see, I remembered my colleague and the greatest lesson he taught me without even knowing he did.  He knew how to love his woman.

See ladies (gents) whenever this man talked about his wife, his eyes would light up, there was a passion and a fire there like he’d just come back from his first date with her.  Not just during times when he would ask the office to help him surprise her with something, this was every time he mentioned her name you could see him get giddy.  He spoke with such love and conviction about her being HIS wife. I didn’t get it until I saw her, despite losing her husband, she was still giving off that in love vibe. She talked about him with the same passion I’d witnessed in him. Even though his body was no longer present to physically give her that love, she was still radiant with the love he’d given her and she’d given him. So here’s the lesson, when a man loves his woman the way I saw this man love his woman, even death can’t steal that love from you.

Look at the person you love now. Can you say you have that kind of love for them, where it covers them despite their faults? When you talk about them to other people is there a passion there or frustration? Can you say that if, heaven for bid, they were called home you would be able to feel their love still or they would be able to feel yours?  Could you rejoice for that person knowing they were at peace and so were you because of your connection?  I don’t know about y’all but I’m about to start making sure my love is on point.

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roaring-lionSo, it’s that time of year where we are set to select the leader of this “free” world, a time where people can voice their political beliefs and try to sway others to believe as they believe. This post won’t do that so you can relax.  What this post will do is voice my opinion about why we as women need to have a greater voice, why we need to stand together, why we need to instill courage, bravery, strength, gumption in our daughters.  It will hopefully cause some dialogue with the men in our lives about the importance of standing up for the women in their lives.  So here we go..

I have heard time and again with this election that voting won’t make a difference, that the election is rigged and we will be stuck with whomever for the next few years.  While all those ideals may make sense to some, my concern is more about the other individuals on your ballot.  You know the judges, prosecutors, city officials, these people who are supposed to handle the day-to-day operation of where you live.  See while we are so focused on the president, we fail to look at these individuals who sometimes have longer terms and are re-elected yet do not represent what we want in our communities. These people are placed in positions time after time and do not represent the change we want or need in the places we actually live.

My biggest issue is the injustices against women by men with these light-ass sentences.  Brock Turner should not be able to bask in any type of sun.  This man ATTACKED a women while she was UNCONSCIOUS, yet can wake up this morning, take a jog, stop by Starbucks, and do whatever the flip (I’m trying not to swear), he wants too, because some elected official didn’t want to ruin the rest of his life.  What about his victim’s life, does she not get the same consideration?! Is she not valued for what her future may bring to our society?! Let’s take a look at David Wise, he drugged and raped his wife repeatedly, for an undetermined amount of time. WHAT?! So because I say “I Do” I can never say “I Don’t”, then for the judge to tell his wife, the victim, that she should offer forgiveness and not to worry about his sentencing, who put this person on the bench?! Another case Sir Young, he receives a lighter sentence because his victim had a few sexual encounters previously and appeared to be flirting with him. Are you kidding me?! Let’s be very clear, just because I flirt with a man does not mean I want to have sex with him, nor does my sexual history leave an open invitation for those who want to have sex with me. Lastly, but trust there are plenty more, Stacey Dean Rambold, who received a 31 day sentence for raping his 14-year-old student, he was responsible for helping shape her, helping her determine what she wanted to do with her future. A future cut short when she took her own life.  He was later re-sentenced to 10 years, but the damage was already done, our justice system spat in this young lady’s face.

WOMEN, we have to take a stand, we have to stand up for and with each other.  Enough is enough.  We continue to fight for rights that should be ours regardless of what is under our pants, skirts, dresses, leggings, whatever you wear to represent you.  There are countless stories about women an unequal rights and injustices, you or your sisters could be one of them. While you may not like our presidential candidate selections, don’t allow tunnel vision to stop you for reviewing all those on your ballot.  Sisters we’ve got some work to do.

You Are the HOTTEST MOM!

tenisha-and-rubyIt’s that time of the month, time to pick our hot mama.  This month’s hot mom is not only one fierce mama, she is an awe-inspiring daughter, who I personally witnessed lovingly help her mother make her final transition.  This month’s hot mom is Tenisha Brown.  Congrats!

Ms. Ruby (Tenisha’s mom) was one fabulous diva.  I’d known Ms. Ruby for some time and there was never one encounter where she was not dressed to the nines with a matching dynamic personality.  Her bright, radiant persona was one to draw you in, so you already know she raised equally fabulous daughters.  In keeping with her mom’s flyness, Tenisha, even in grim times made sure her mom was all the way together.   Whether it was talking to the doctors about the best course of action or making sure the nurses knew her mom had to coordinate her attire, didn’t matter if it was a hospital gown or not, lol.  She took care of her mother the way her mother lived, tenisha-and-boysfabulously.  Tenisha knew the importance of making sure her mother LIVED even  until she took her last breath. We as people often forget that moms are more than just moms, we are daughters, wives, friends, significant others, basically superheroes.  Tenisha showed me and I know others that even as a busy mom we still have other responsibilities one of them is being a dedicated daughter.

Ms. Ruby marvelously made her transition, leaving a loving, divalicious (I made that word up) legacy. So we salute you Ms. Tenisha, YOU ARE THE HOTTEST MOM!!!



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