The purpose of Just One Hot Mom is to reach  moms from all walks of life to let them know they are beautiful inside and out, appreciated, loved, recognized and honored for the mom that they are.  Just One Hot Mom recognizes each mom as an individual with the best intentions for their family.  We are a community that offers support, advice, and a place to vent.  We are dedicated to empowering moms to be who they are called to be, while growing along side our families and receiving the nurturing we need to be a mom that’s hot.



I’m tired of being labeled by other people’s standards so I’ll just create my own.  I’m Nanekia Ansari and I am JUST ONE HOT MOM!!  I am fire, I am passion, I am warmth, I am love.  I just so happen to be a 30-something mom of three beautiful children. All my life I’ve had this flare for being different.  Sometimes it works in my favor other times not so much.  Truth is either way I just enjoy being me, loving me, and sharing that with the world.

Did I mention I was a divorcee, that my children are all almost 9 years apart daughter #1, 20 years old, son, 13 years old, and daughter #2 4 years old. I also work with and amazing group known as YoungLives Cleveland.  By day/night a superhero to many, but my Clark Kent is an accountant, I know boring right?!  Variety is the spice of life so I keep it saucy.  I started Just One Hot Mom for moms like me and moms not like me.  A place where we as parents can come and get advice and offer it.  A place where we are free to say how we really feel without condemnation.  I’m going to be me and you be you and let’s do this thing called life together.


On the blog…I QUIT!!! Sometimes the best thing you can do is throw in the towel.
That’s what I’m doing and you should join me.



Join me in the studio with the Queen’s Court.  Tune in as me and my girls give you our take on dating, relationships and why we are not married.  I’m in the studio with Vinessa, Ayesha, Erika, & Teressa.  Tune In! Queen’s Court

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